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Texas Calculatem

Texas Calculatem with Auto-Read watches you play, offers instant odds and advice throughout the game, and gives you a considerable edge in the fast-paced online environment. This poker odds calculator is an absolute must for anyone who plays at real money tables. It is also a valuable teaching aid for people wanting to learn the basics of game strategy.


Main Screen

Texas Calculatem'sT intuitive interface shows you your exact situation at a glance. The table, advice bar, and odds chart give you just enough information without being too overwhelming. A novice may choose to simply follow the advice given. More experienced users will find the additional info, including odds of making certain hands, odds of one of your opponents making certain hands, # outs, pre-flop hand strength & Sklansky score, very useful. In the fast paced online environment, it is essential to have a calculator watching along with you. The window is sizeable and can be placed above or below the poker game window. Users with limited screen space may find the Mini-mode option a great alternative...

Mini Mode

Mini Mode can be easily tucked above or below the poker window, giving you the most important data you need to make the proper decision. As with Full Mode, the cards, dealer button, and who is folding, etc, are all still watched automatically, requiring no input from the user.

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